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New Power Tools for the Gig Economy – How Talentum Works Towards a Better Future

It’s no longer about who you know. It’s about what you know, how you know it, and how ready you are to apply your knowledge to the wider working world. Talentum.ID connects the best with the best, and provides a full workflow management system for projects to motivate, inspire, and reward their gig-workers, forging the new connections and community spirit that takes Web3 initiatives to the top.

How Web3 Is Changing the World of Work

A major side-effect of Web3’s flattened hierarchies and digitally-distributed micro-economies is an entirely new world of work. A world where the gates are open for talent to work for multiple projects (oftentimes DACs – Decentralised Autonomous Corporations) simultaneously, and for DAC contributors to hire from the broadest talent base. Where employer and employee are not artificially locked together, but stay together through mutual incentives and discovered potential.

It creates new tools for growth that transcend typical approaches to labour pools. Talentum’s vision is to facilitate collaboration between fields as different as programming and painting, to everything in between. A chance for professionals who would otherwise have never come together for work to do just that; breaking down the invisible barriers of access that exist everywhere in Web2 and its narrow, algorithm-driven focus that defies easy connection.

How Talentum Connects the Best with the Best

Talentum’s proprietary CRM lets project leaders create tasks that anyone on the Talentum platform can pick up, complete, and earn the associated smart contract-encoded reward (usually USDT). Talented professionals can enjoy selecting from a broad range of tasks and an infinite supply of work. This porous structure means that new connections can be forged between different projects as workers flit effortlessly from one to another, creating a fertile ground for the new innovations that will, eventually, supercharge the next bull run.

Think of it like a Trello board or a Monday table, but anyone on Talentum’s platform can access the task and complete it (of course only with the project manager’s consent). DAC contributors can reach out to active, experienced members, set budgets that line up with market rates as evidenced by the platform, and get instant insight into a given professional’s track record and what they’ve delivered for others. Talentum has KYC in place for professionals, so project leaders know exactly who they are working with.

Great Work Everywhere, All of the Time

Project leaders will have granular controls when they create tasks for users to take on. Whether that’s setting up extremely simple social engagement tasks that anyone on the platform can do, or creating keystone tasks that require experienced talents in their field to complete. Through Talentum’s platform, they’ll be able to closely monitor task progressions, and collaborate and liaise closely with the community of talent they’ve brought on to their cause.

Leaders will also be able to manage their capital outflow through Talentum. Payments can be automatically sent upon task completion, managed by smart contracts, and budgets can be clearly allocated ahead of time, preventing the overspill and wastage which is so common in gig-economy structures. Finally, the Talentum leaderboard will enable contributors to quickly identify the talent they need, and give professionals the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get their skills noticed.

Setting Talent Free – Talentum’s Goldmine for Professionals

For talents, it’s a goldmine – literally. Seasoned professionals can easily take on clearly defined work from multiple projects without being hooked into the unnecessary professional paraphernalia that is the curse of the modern workplace. Do the work, earn the money. Simple. Better still, the work done through Talentum is recorded on your profile automatically. The more work done through the platform, the easier and quicker talents will be able to pick up a constant stream of varied, interesting work.

It’s more important than ever for professionals to have a footprint in Web3, and the ability to show potential employers that they understand crypto, NFTs, and decentralised power structures on an implicit basis. Talentum.ID creates a path for brilliant workers to have a presence and profile in Web3. Their Talentum ID will showcase all the history of work they’ve completed on the platform, let users display their portfolios, and connect directly to their socials. It’s proof-of-credibility reloaded.

Working Towards a Better Future in Web3

Brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible, also known as BANI. The modern world of work is polluted with systems that strangle innovation, destroy momentum, and delete energy – for professionals and project leaders alike. The lack of fluidity in traditional working environments and the way organisations tend toward stifling work practices in their pursuit of control and efficiency, starve their workers of the collaborative spirit that keeps everyone happy and earning cash.

Talentum is an answer to this dangerous modern trend in work culture. It brings leaders and workers together in equal harmony, creates a task-based interaction that focuses on deliverables and results first, and keeps power evenly distributed between leaders and professionals, creating resilient, confident contractors who can comprehend what is asked and whose progression is easily identifiable to both parties.

Web3 promises much change. The era of speculation, although not quite over, is coming to an end. Now, builders are focusing on the new utility that decentralised power structures and trustless interactions can bring. The systems of the gig-economy, currently dominated by centralised agencies like Upwork and Fiverr, are ripe for disruption.

The rise of DAOs and fluid working structures means, in time, even ‘traditional’ companies will use platforms like Talentum to source the talent they need. These malleable, trustless structures where workers find work and employers find workers with verifiable credentials is the future of the professional economy.

With Talentum.ID, this future is already here.